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Ten steps ahead, Look at me, I am fine. Then 50 steps behind, Tears fall and I sigh… There is no escaping from you, How far can I run from my demons too. They live inside of me, Waiting for me to fall and they see, My anguish and pain but they howl with me,Continue reading “…- – -…”

The Fucking Time Capsule

 Journaling was one thing which always remained constant in my life. Sometimes it gets really tiring, and I have these journals lying around which holds my life, my fears, my dreams and hopes  all penned down. Journaling evolved through the years and I begun to add pictures – as you know Pictures says a thousandContinue reading “The Fucking Time Capsule”

Happy Birthday – Covid Chronicles

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to me. From past (fucked up and depressing life) to new, From old (fucked up ex) to new, May good luck go with me ( and forever stay ) And happiness too! *blows the candle


This may sound crazy,Crazy is what my life is right now,Probably you have entered in the eye of my hurricane,Got a glimpse of you and then gone ….forever. Were you real, I really cannot figure out,Was my mind playing tricks on me and the heart playing about?In the eye of my hurricane, how did youContinue reading “Turbulence”


Here we are again, standing at the crossroads, We look past each other like strangers in a metro, We have finally reached, where we part away forever, Did not know that we would reach this far – not being together. There goes another day, time flying like it held no moments – void, There goesContinue reading “N.U.M.B”


What does my heart desire, what sets it on fire, Eyes wander into unknown, Mind tangled in the endless clutter that I do not own, The moon trains its eyes on me, as the clouds parts away the vulnerability within me. The light in fury, wind pushing me around like a bully, My hair dancingContinue reading “THE CHOICE”

Silent hums

I let the rain drench me as my being cries, The cold water drops against the warm stream on my face, Numb me universe from the pain I feel, Surround me in cold so that I do not remember your warmth. My heart wants to sway to the thunder, Wishing the lightning strikes and igniteContinue reading “Silent hums”

Taming my heart

I wish I could go back in time, I wish I could reciprocate my feelings when I had a chance. I wish I could love you the way you loved me, I was a fool; I did not see it would end this way. I asked for another chance at life, Despite for the fact,Continue reading “Taming my heart”

Tough Times

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 11:59 AM I sometimes internally think that I am handling it all well and I feel empowered and powerful. All until, you get the papers for divorce. The world seems to crumble at your feet. Pretty fucked up, I must say.  I muster this courage to flap those wings, feel theContinue reading “Tough Times”


Coming to my senses, finally things are clear, How could I be so stupid and wished I was a seer, Blinded in my love for you, Thought it was the same for you. How feeble is your love I see, So shallow and fake as thee. A woman in love is what you saw, TheContinue reading “Blind”


Let us give us a chance again in Love, Let us give each other a chance in Love somehow. Somewhere down the lane, we thought we held each other’s hand, However, in reality, we walked further away into some devious wonderland. A wonderland of deceit but beautiful creatures, Creatures that shaped to your heart’s secretContinue reading “Chance”

If Only..

If only you could see my love, If only you could ease my pain. If only you could hold my tears, If only you could touch my soul. If only you could see what you do to my heart, If only you could understand what you, do to me. If only you could only beContinue reading “If Only..”


Thank you. To those 10 people who are following me. To the many, who liked and read my posts. It’s people like you who knowingly and unknowingly make a difference in my life. I do have my regrets as some posts are just rants or of bad taste. However, you guys make me feel otherwise.Continue reading “G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E”

Death not in vain

Saturday, May 30, 2020 6:28 PM Life is at a halt, behind the window screens, Behind the masks of blue and green. The sun and moon takes its course, Unfaltering and silent, saying prayers to its ultimate source. How are we defined I ask and wonder, Bullets as loud and scary as thunder, People dieContinue reading “Death not in vain”

My Window Aisle

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 3:00 PM There is nothing significant about my window. A metal frame which houses the glass. This was the neglected part of the house. My windows collect dust on the outside , Hence the view is obscured making it least interesting to peer to the outside world. This was until lastContinue reading “My Window Aisle”

Book of the decade!

Let me introduce you to one of my journals. This journal, I once thought held the best times of life and now it’s just a collection of painfully “happy” memories. Prayers for a better life and better future. Year 2011 to Year 2013. My marriage , the birth of my child and life in-between thisContinue reading “Book of the decade!”

Weekend Covid-19 Chronicles

Saturday, May 2, 2020 9:38 PM This weekend was different. I did Nothing. Literally Nothing…. Work – related i.e. But the regret of doing nothing work related looms over my head. Which is unfair ’cause everyone deserves a fucking break once a while. It’s times like these you realize how much you miss on someContinue reading “Weekend Covid-19 Chronicles”

Rant continues…

Has it ever happened to you that when you decided to be more focused and consistent in something … let’s say like say writing a blog – the next moment it fizzes out. Yeah, this pretty much this happened to me. Look at me – I took almost half a day to put the site onlineContinue reading “Rant continues…”

Right Now : Where I am at

Let me put this out to anyone who might resonate with me…my life now let me put it as simple as possible. My reality – My happily ever after was actually the beginning of a fucking horror movie Now since, you may have probably no idea wtf I am talking about, I mean I evenContinue reading “Right Now : Where I am at”

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